Aydar Acapulcoite

Aydar        27°49’33.10"N, 10°31’0.40"W


Find: 2008

Classification: Primitive achondrite (Acapulcoite)

History: The stones were found by Mohamed Maskour. They were bought in TanTan in 2017 from Mohamed Elguirah.

Physical characteristics: Dark brown irregular stones. The largest stone weighs 267 g. Cut surface reveals a dark interior.

Petrography: Recrystallized texture with triple junctions. Typical silicate grain size 200 μm. Main minerals are olivine, orthopyroxene, Ca-pyroxene. No plagioclase was observed. FeNi metal and troilite are found as small blebs in silicates and as euhedral grains to 500 μm. Chromite to 100 μm. Abundant μm wide veins filled with opaques and associated weathering products.

Geochemistry: Olivine Fa10.9±0.0, FeO/MnO=18.9 (N=2). Orthopyroxene Fs9.8±0.0Wo1.5±0.3, FeO/MnO=12.6 (N=2). Ca-pyroxene Fs4.2±0.0Wo44.0±1.7, Cr2O3 1.07 wt%, FeO/MnO=12.6 (N=2). Kamacite Ni=5.87 wt%, Co = 0.27 wt% (N=2)

Classification: Achondrite (acapulcoite)