Talsint Mesosiderite

Talsint        32.5940°N, 3.4475°W

Eastern, Morocco

Find: 2017 March

Classification: Mesosiderite

History: The meteorite was found by Nourddine Azelmat.

Petrography: (K. Metzler, IfP) Achondritic breccia, consisting of monomineralic (low-Ca pyroxene) and polymineralic (low-Ca pyroxene + plagioclase) clasts up to 5 mm, set in a finer grained recrystallized matrix. Metal (mostly kamacite, some taenite and tetrataenite) is evenly dispersed between the clasts with modal amounts of about 10-15 vol%.

Geochemistry: Mineral compositions and geochemistry: Mean low-Ca pyroxene composition Fs24.8±0.8Wo2.5±0.5 (Fs23.4-25.7Wo1.6-3.5); Fe/Mn 28±3; n=13. Plagioclase composition An92.4±2.2 (An90.0-95.2); n=8. Accessories are merrillite, troilite, and schreibersite.

Classification: Mesosiderite, based on texture, mineral paragenesis and mineral chemistry.