3" 593g Dendritic Quartz Sphere w/Yellow Jasper Stone Mineral Polished Dendrites Gemstone Crystal Specimen - Morocco


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  • You will receive exactly this Dendritic Quartz Agate Sphere - 3 Inches; 593g  (see photo, the photos are taken under bright light, stand NOT included)!
  • Dendritic agate is also known as Tree Agate due to its inclusions, known as dendrites, that remind the shape of a tree ("dendron" in Greek) or leaves. It is an agate variety, either translucent or opaque, mainly in white, green or brown shade
  • "Dendrites", a Greek word for 'tree-like', are inclusions that appear organic due to their plant-like structure, but they are actually inorganic traces of iron or manganese. The iron and manganese ions gain access to the forming stone as weathering solutions from neighboring rock. The impurities crystallize inside the agate in branching formations seeping through fine surface fractures. In some cases, dendritic inclusions may form in spotted clusters rather than branching structures.